Our Guide in Building a Strong Brand Identity

Just a short essay on this one, branding as would almost all marketers would mean is a “standard” of a company’s entirety. The brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers,” according the American Marketing Association Identity means “reputation”.

Building an identity is not an easy task. It could mean everything especially that of a growing company. Building a reputation especially in a positive way is not just a task of one person in an organization. It takes time, mindset, personality, class, agreement, and even expertise to do so. An identity is not just a mere snap of the finger that can be changed time to time. When there are changes on identity on a very short period of time, there won’t be consistency on the company, itself.

Take a look at this prism from www.hubspot.com

Here’s what we should know:

branding checklist

To sum up everything, defining your brand identity is much like packaging and presenting a gift. You want the recipient to be pleased with the offering — and that includes everything from the outer wrapping, to the style of packaging inside, to the gift delivery, to the usefulness and appropriateness of the actual gift itself. You want the recipient to understand that forethought and heart went into the selection of the gift, and that it was chosen out of compassion and understanding. And you want it to represent the love you have for that person — in this case, your customers.

The brand and the identity is always a package deal. Build a rapport now.