The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure

Just a 15 minute “Ted Talks” by Astro Teller.

This is the possible reason why we do have these cloud-based technologies nowadays. Probably, point A to point B is a mere “trial and error”.

“Being audacious and working on big risky things makes people inherently feel uncomfortable. You cannot yell at people and force them to fail fast. People resist. They worry. “What will happen to me if I fail? Will people laugh at me? Will I be fired?””

“I’m gonna leave you on how we actually make it happen. The only way to make people worked on big risky things, audacious ideas and have them run it all the hardest parts of the problems first, if you make that a path of least resistance for them. We work hard at “X” to make it safe to fail. Team’s killed their ideas as soon as the evidence is on the table because they are rewarded for it. They get applause from their peers. Hugs and hi-5 from their manager, they get promoted for it…. We believe in dreams at the moonshot factory but enthusiastic and skepticism is not the enemy of boundless optimism. It’s optimism’s perfect partner. It unlocks the potential in any idea. We can create the future that’s in our dreams.”