Why Blog?

Recent trends proved to us that internet usage is one of the effective platforms to communicate to an audience. Recent studies showed that the universe is adapting to changes brought by these new trends and the mere fact that world is innovating in this digital age, anyone now can use blogging as a tool of expressing themselves and the content they’re writing and projecting to their massive audience.


Why blog?

Blogging is a term used by millennials that simply means to write, update, or post a content in a web page or website. Usually, you become a content writer when it comes to blogging. There are several reasons why millennials and millennials at heart are into blogging. Below are some of the reasons:

  1. We blog because we can express and articulate information that we wanted to share the world.
  2. We blog because we wanted to share our learning.
  3. We blog because of networking and exposure to mass media via online
  4. We blog for a cause and for business opportunities.
  5. Lastly, we use blogging as a tool and an info source for audience, clients, ad partners, and also business partners.