Turning Grit and Passion into Stellar Ideas

It’s not impossible to turn thoughts and theories into a courageous implementation of a work of art. It’s not also impossible to walk your talk nor impossible to reach and attract what you like. Turning grit and passion into stellar ideas is not also impossible to do.


First and foremost, we define grit as a moral fibre that is embedded in our character which give us the will to do. In short, it’s our courage. On the other hand, we define passion as something we love to do. A combination of both grit and passion is most likely the best why that we will definitely understand especially in the world of business. Vague as it seem but in the long run, it’s something that triggers each and every opportunity we will encounter.


There’s no definite answer as to how we can come up with really good and stellar ideas. It’s like branding. We’ll never know how good our brand is not unless we’ll try and risk for it. Stellar ideas can go through one’s brain cells in just a snap of a finger and even just a blink of an eye. There’s only one thing for sure. Stellar ideas are products of grit and passion.

Though it’s not an easy task whether we work alone or work in a team to discover stellar ideas out of grit and passion, it still requires patience and a little bit of psychedelic understanding. Turning grit and passion into stellar ideas is not impossible to do. It’s not also impossible to implement as long as you do and everyone is a  team player.