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Entrepreneur: Here’s How to Build Your Own DIY MBA in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing moves too fast to learn it in school. So drop out and take over your education, yourself. Sujan Patel•VIP Contributor of Entrepreneur Image credit: Jannis Tobias Werner / Life moves fast in the world of digital marketing. In fact, since 2013, digital media consumption in the United States has increased by 49 [...]

The Easy Checklist for Real Estate Photography Standards

Comments and Commentary on Real Estate Photography

Do your images meet the standards? |

real estate photography - exterior

THE FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHER is to deliver accurate, attractive, and timely marketing images to increase real estate sales.

Marketing images must meet the basic standards of real estate photography.

  1. The image must be accurate and true to reality.
  2. The image must be pleasant and appealing; it “looks good.”
  3. The image must be delivered on time.
  4. The image must contribute to increasing real estate sales.

The specific characteristics used to evaluate real estate marketing images are:

  • REALISM: The image must be accurate and true to reality.

    • The image is not deceptive.
    • The color is correct.
    • Details are clear and visible.
    • Vertical lines are parallel.
    • The horizon is level.
    • Lens distortion is virtually imperceptible.
    • There are no gratuitous or artistic touches.
    • After-capture processing (including editing and HDR) is not apparent.
  • ATTRACTIVENESS: The image must be pleasant and appealing; it “looks…

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Battle Of The Brands: Does Your Startup Have What It Takes To Be A Winner?


Modern marketing is a complex challenge that requires a lot of hard work to master. You aren’t simply trying to reach new audiences; you’re trying to prove that your services are better than the alternatives too. Therefore, striking the right chord with the intended market should be a priority at all times.

Ultimately, you are in an ongoing war with your competitors. Unfortunately, if you don’t seize the high-ground at the earliest stage possible, it could impact your takings for years to come. So what are the key weapons to help you win this battle? Let’s take a closer look.  winner-311358_960_720 

A Great First Impression

It only takes a consumer a few short seconds to make a decision about whether your company’s products and services are worth considering. So, while a great initial interaction won’t guarantee a sale, a bad one could ruin your hopes immediately.

With this in…

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10 Marketing Lessons Big Brands Can Teach Startups — By Neil Patel Like everything in life, learning from the people who have gone before us can be a great way to get ahead. No startup survives on sheer luck. Rather, entrepreneurs are guided by knowledgeable advice from people who’ve been there and done that. Taking a page from your “elders” can have the power to [...]

Turning Grit and Passion into Stellar Ideas

It's not impossible to turn thoughts and theories into a courageous implementation of a work of art. It's not also impossible to walk your talk nor impossible to reach and attract what you like. Turning grit and passion into stellar ideas is not also impossible to do. Why? First and foremost, we define grit as [...]